About Us

We try to work as a team

The Child Foundation is all about togetherness. All of the support that we have extended to children, their families and other charities so far has come courtesy of a team effort. This includes our Directors, Ambassadors, a variety of fundraisers and several caring companies. 

We have raised all of the funds we have dispatched. To raise these funds, we have held football matches, dinners, comedy nights and various charity challenges. We are immensely grateful to the people who led the variety of fundraising events. 

It's not always about giving money

Some of the people who request our help want specific support - e.g. funds to obtain a physical item or to access a memorable experience. Other people want us to help to lift the exposure of their own fundraising efforts. 

When a person approaches us because they want to organise and host a fundraising event, we provide them with some support, guidance and a framework in which to operate. This model respects costs and shows transparency in what we are doing with the precious funds we raise. 

All of the people who work with The Child Foundation are volunteers. Since we were formed as an official charity in 2015, no one has been paid for the work or time they have put in. That said, we do recognise and respect why some charities need to employ people and pay for people-related services. So far, we have not felt the need to pay employees, but there may come a time when taking on employees or contractors represents a sensible future strategy, enabling us to raise more funds and support more people.