Spreading kindness where we can

The Child Foundation was officially formed in 2015, although our work started in 2011. We are a deliberately small charity with a caring philosophy. Our intention is to spread kindness where we can. Across the last eight years, we have helped a variety of children, families and other charities with donations, purchase of equipment and special privileges to reflect challenging life situations.

Our work slowed down in 2017. This was due to one of our key volunteers contracting a life-threatening illness. However, we have continued to help as many people as we can and we are proud of our work. Geographically, our core focus is on the East Midlands area, but we have helped causes right across the United Kingdom.  

Spreading kindness where we can

From the dark into the light

We know that life can sometimes be challenging. It is especially hard when children are affected by illness and unfortunate life circumstances. Our mission is to provide help and support where we can. 

Our Grant Making Policy fairly considers all applications for support from The Child Foundation. If we cannot always help with pledges of financial support, we may be able to help with aspects such as UK family holidays and leisure - activities that bring some respite and a smile to the face of beautiful families at a time when they need it the most. 

Download our Grant Giving Policy below

Making it clear how we can help

To ensure those seeking help from The Child Foundation understand how we operate, please download our free Grant Giving Policy. This document provides all of the insight you should need if you choose to progress an application with us. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for in the document, please contact us via email or telephone. The details of how to contact us can be found here.